GRVL | XC Shorts

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Our Pro Level XC Mountain Bike / Gravel Bike shorts.

VFR ~ An Abbreviation for "Visual Flight Rules"
VFR refers to a time when a pilot reverts form his instruments and "flies by eye" scanning the horizon for inbound aircraft and obstructions.  Easily the most exhilarating and dangerous flying technique, it is performed by the most experienced and advanced pilots.  Our Mountain Bike Gear is no different, designed for speed, technical maneuvering and precision at every turn.

Key Features:
Fitted Lightweight Design 
Breathable & Quick Drying
4 - Way Stretch Fabrics
Hip Velcro Adjustment Straps
2 Angled Pockets

1. 100% Polyester Fabric Construction
2. Shorter fitted legs
3. Breathable fabrics 

Greater Details:
- Sublimation printing: vibrant color with no bleeding.
- Durable construction: tested for over a year.