About Us

Crit Fit Army / CF Army is a premium cycling apparel and lifestyle brand. We focus on quality road cycling apparel & rad mountain bike apparel. High quality Italian Road, Urban and mountain cycling wear at fair prices.Crit Fit Army is an underdog in the game of cycling apparel.  That won't however, stop us from making high-quality cycling gear, accessories, and lifestyle apparel.

Founded in 2017, Crit Fit Army also known as "CF Army" is striving to develop into a globally recognized brand with worldwide distribution.  We want to challenge the status-quo and build a lifestyle while doing so. 

Crit Fit Army is a veteran owned and operated company and we believe cycling can be used as a supplemental form of counseling and healing for veterans. We support local and national charities and dream of doing more!

CF Army offers an array of cycling related products ranging from performance based hard goods to casual apparel. To learn more on the brand. Please visit our Social Media outlets:

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