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“Great Fit, high quality fabrics, lightweight design, superb chamois”


5 Star Review -

“Comfort, performance, style can’t be beat! Of the myriad of brands I’ve tried in the past, Crit Fit Cycling surpasses them all”


5 Star Review - Kevin Tuttle

"These are the most comfortable bibs Ive ever worn! The legs stay in place perfectly and the reinforcing fabric on the front and back is terrific. Also the chamois is super comfortable!"


5 Star Review - Sarah G.

Crit Fit Cycling is an underdog in the game of cycling apparel.  That won't however, stop us from making high-quality cycling gear, accessories, and lifestyle apparel.

Founded in 2017, Crit Fit Cycling also known as "Crit Fit" is striving to develop into a globally recognized brand with worldwide distribution.  We want to challenge the status-quo and build a lifestyle while doing so. 

Crit Fit Cycling is a veteran owned and operated company offering an array of cycling related products ranging from performance based hard goods to casual apparel. To learn more on the brand please visit our Social Media outlets.

- Crit Fit Cycling, Formerly Crit Fit Army

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